There's a curious little area in the upper portion of Tompkins Township in Jackson County, going by the name of 'Otter Creek'.

The community of Otter Creek doesn't seem to show up on maps anymore, but is easily found on old atlases, as you'll see in the photos below. However, the actual stream by the same name is easily found.

Reverend Marcus Harrison moved to Jackson County from Connecticut, bought land in Springport Township, improved his farm, preached to the settlers, and erected a saw-mill along Otter Creek.

The community became a post office, established in 1839, with George T. Griffith as its first postmaster. According to, Otter Creek was also a minor railroad stop.

All that remains now is a faint glimmer of its name and a couple of old houses. Anyone driving by this junction probably has no idea it used to be a community that probably had faint hope of becoming a full-fledged town. The local cemetery just east of the junction shows that there really were hopeful settlers in Otter Creek.

Now that you know a little about it, check out the photos below, take a drive-thru, and see for yourself.

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