One woman's disdain for the police has cost her her job.

A woman was fired from a McDonald's in Brenham, Tex. after she would not serve an off-duty policeman who was in the eatery with his two kids.

"Nobody deserves to be treated like that," said Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman. "We know that these problems exist everywhere, but we did not expect that here."

The officer, who has not been identified, relayed the encounter to his captain. The department got in touch with McDonald's, who looked into the matter before giving the employee her pink slip.

Interestingly, the employee's son is in police custody, which officials think may have had a hand in her decision to refuse service.

Despite what took place, Goodman said this should be considered an isolated incident. "We're not judging McDonalds and their employees based on the action of this one worker," he said. "Just like we ask the community and the country not judge our police officers because other officers make bad decisions."

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