A pair of Michigan delegates have been in Cleveland since Wednesday and were involved in the contentious rules committee hearings for the Republican National Committee leading up the convention kicking off on Monday.

Judi Schwalbach of Escanaba and Matt Hall of Grand Rapids were both opposed the backroom push to try to free delegates to vote for whomever they want. In the end the effort fizzled and the delegates must follow the rules meaning Donald Trump will be nominated on the first ballot, securing his nomination for President of the United States.

Trump chose Mike Pence, the Governor of neighboring Indiana as his running mate but postponed the announcement after the terror attacks in Nice, France.

World affairs could dominate much of the discussion in Cleveland. The Obama Administration has had problems with Iran, North Korea, Russia and Libya just to name a few. Of course the ongoing terror attacks from ISIS are also dominating conversations. Pence who was a six term congressman before running for governor will bring foreign policy experience to the ticket that Trump lacks.

The convention begins on Monday.

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