The Michigan DNR has finished it's annual elk survey. They look at the results of the hunting season (146 elk were taken in the 2018 season), then they do an aerial survey in January - when all the leaves are down and the snow makes it easier to see the elk.

And according to, Michigan's elk herd is doing great. As a matter of fact, maybe too good.

Michigan DNR elk specialist Chad Stewart says they want the herd to number between 500 and 900 animals. The DNR's final estimate of the herd is that it stands at right around 1200 elk.

What does that mean? More elk hunting, for one. Keep applying for those elk tags. Maybe they'll jack up the number of tags they issue. DNR Wildlife Field Operations Manager Brian Mastenbrook says, "We will continue to reduce the elk population slowly over the coming years with our regulated hunting seasons.”


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