The State of Michigan lead the world in international tunnels.  Who knew?

That's a fun fact to share with your friends and co-workers for #WednesdayWisdom according to,

Michigan is home to the first three tunnels in the world that connect two different countries: the St. Clair Tunnel, which connects Port Huron with Sarnia, Ontario, and the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel and Detroit Windsor Tunnel, both of which connect, you guessed it, Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

The first tunnel in the world to ever connect two countries is the St. Clair Tunnel.  This tunnel opened in 1891 for Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway.  This was also the first North American underwater tunnel.


The second tunnel was the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel which opened in 1910.  This tunnel was built for the Canada Southern Railway.


The third tunnel was the Detroit Windsor Tunnel was opened in 1930.  This is the second busiest crossing between the U.S. and Canada.

Below is a story from Click On Detroit that shows the Detroit Windsor Tunnel railway.

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