Will Michigan's 13th congressional district realize what they have elected in 2018 and come to their senses and vote her out in the next Democratic Primary race in August?

We shall see.  I have read in the Five Thirty-Eight polling/prediction site that she may not have much to worry about. By the way, I say she would have to be voted out in the Primary because the Democratic Party has so gerrymandered that district that a Republican rarely ever even runs.

According to the Five Thirty-Eight site:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib had a -16 net favorability rating per Emerson and -5 per the Economist/YouGov.

They went on to say that her extreme negative rating countrywide does not mean that she is in danger of losing her reelection because she is in a “deeply Democratic seat” and among Democrats, she has a “national net favorability ratings of +31”.  Interesting, do they believe in the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel?

What has she done now to show her hatred of the Jewish people and the State of Israel?

She recently wore a t-shirt and took a picture of herself wearing it that portrays the modern state of Israel as not even existing. She is essentially promoting the wiping out of Israel from the face of the earth and in its place she puts Palestine.

These types of shirts are worn by people who reject a two-state solution and advocate for the destruction of Israel.

Check it out yourself:

The picture is courtesy of Twitter user thealexvanness

As typical with cowards who are unwilling to defend what they do, say or wear she is refusing all comments from anyone attempting to ask her questions concerning that t-shirt and what it depicts.

When will this time of evil pass Michigan's 13th congressional district, the state of Michigan and the United States?

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