A competition for best looking cruiser in the country reveals that Michigan's State Police cars have more than one unique feature.

The American Association of State Troopers is running a contest for best looking state police car in America- you can show your Michigan pride and vote for the mitten state here. In case you are wondering why the car isn't the traditional blue chevys you are used to seeing on the interstates, this is the Michigan State Police design that commemorates 100 years of service.

Browsing the gallery of state police prowlers from across the nation, Michigan squad cars are unique in 2 ways:

  1. The "bubble gum" light on the roof
  2. The 'STOP' sign on the hood

Out of staters remarked that they had never seen such features and Michiganders were quick to point out that the roof light is actually more aerodynamic than the more common lightbars. The 'STOP' sign on the hood is a much older feature dating back to a time when patrol cars would pull up next to another vehicle and light up the sign to indicate they wanted the driver to pull over.

Outdated? No, and yes. Unique? You bet. Make sure to cast your vote for Michigan's paddy wagons to receive top honors. This photo guide may also be helpful in figuring out what to watch for the next time you take an out-of-state road trip.

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