Getty Images By: Scott Olson
Getty Images By: Scott Olson

A new survey by found that Michigan has the highest automobile insurance in the nation.

As being reported by the Detroit Free Press Michigan drivers are paying more than double, approimately136% above, the national average of $815 a year, again according to a report by

What county pays the highest in Michigan?

Wayne County is the most expensive within the state, automobile insurance costs their citizens $2,789, or 45% more in Wayne County than the statewide average of $1,923.

The survey was not performed and released due to the debate about the MCCA but part of a regular report tracked by the company.

The State of Rhode Island is the second-most expensive state, but is still only 45% more than the national average whereas Michigan is 136% higher than the national average.

Behind Rhode Island is New York, Delaware, and Louisiana.

Which state have the cheapest car insurance?

North Carolina.

North Carolina drivers pay 41% less than the national average, followed by Idaho, Ohio, Maine, Wisconsin and Tennessee.

As being reported by the Detroit Free Press, Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst for, Michigan is the only state where car insurance includes unlimited lifetime personal injury protection. That's a major reason why car insurance is so expensive in Michigan.

Other reasons for Michigan’s high auto insurance, Michigan has an unusually high number of uninsured drivers, which drives up rates for people who do have car insurance, she said.

Does this change your thoughts about the legislation being debated in the Senate concerning the attempt to try and rein in the medical charges being billed to the MCCA, and bring them in line with the same procedures being charged to Workmen’s compensation as an example?

Do you feel that the benefits of having the highest automobile insurance in the nation out ways the cost?

What are your thoughts?

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