Three years into his term, President Donald Trump has restructured the federal judiciary. His appointments to federal courts nationwide ensure a conservative tilt for at least a generation. It may be the most important aspect of his presidency.

One out of every four federal judges are appointed by the president. That’s not counting the overshadowing two US Supreme Court Justices now on the bench that he appointed. So far, the president has installed 187 judges to the federal court system.

One was sworn into office in Detroit on New Year’s Eve. Federal Magistrate Stephanie Dawkins Davis was sworn in as a U.S. district judge for Michigan’s Eastern District. The 52 year old Judge will preside at the federal courthouse in Flint. Her confirmation went smoothly. She was confirmed on Dec. 19 by the Republican controlled Senate at the same time majority Democrats in the US House were voting to approve two articles of impeachment against the President. Judge Davis’s commission is signed by President Trump. Davis was appointed federal magistrate in 2016 after spending nearly 20 years as an assistant U.S. attorney in Detroit. Prior to that she worked for 5 years an associate lawyer with a Detroit law firm.

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