A new analysis by the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council and the Clean Energy Trust show that Michigan is home to more than 87,000 clean energy jobs.

In a release, the survey shows that Michigan is the regional leader is people employed working on advanced transportation at around 28,000 jobs, and is second in the region for renewable energy jobs at 11,600.

“Clean energy jobs play a critical role in Michigan’s economy and this report shows the clean energy sector’s potential to continue growing and leading the Midwest,” said Liesl Clark, president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council. “Extending Michigan’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards will drive further growth and investment in this sector, which would mean tens of thousands of new, good-paying jobs.”

The report goes on to say that renewable energy and energy efficiency standards in the state could drive further growth in the industry, and make Michigan a regional leader in clean energy.

“Clean energy is a dynamic sector and central to economic growth in Michigan,” said Clean Energy Trust CEO Erik Birkkerts. “Smart public policy will further accelerate the clean energy sector's growth, which means thousands of new jobs created across the region and which will confer economic advantages on the state of Michigan.”

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