New York Times Reporter Maggie Haberman just admitted last Friday on CNN’s “New Day” show what anyone who is fair-minded, pays attention to politics and the manner in which the Main Stream Manipulative News media covers it already knew.  That there is a tendency in the “news” media to give “instant credibility” to anyone who comes out as anti-Trump.

They were discussing this new President Trump accuser Lev Parma’s and Ms. Haberman stated that some Republicans could possibly want Parnas as a witness because he has already lied a number of times on the “news” show and to print reporters. Maggie stated:

There are some Republicans talking privately about the idea that maybe he wouldn’t be the worst witness for us to call because we could try to hit into his credibility and again for the reasons we just said, there are concerns that he would not be able to hold up.

The New York Times Reporter Ms. Haberman then went on to say what any fair-minded person know at that is:

One of the hallmarks of the Trump era is anybody who is oppositional to Trump gets instant credibility...We’ve seen it over and over again. Michael Avenatti, Cohen even at points, even when he was admitting he was lying to Congress at some point after he pleaded guilty to other charges. It’s important to just assess these facts on their own.

Even CNN anchor Jake Tapper had warned his viewers that Mr. Parnas has a:

serious credibility problem

How much more proof does anyone need to understand and admit that the news media is in the tank for the Democrats and completely against President Trump.

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