It's funny how age changes your perspective. When I was a kid, a trip to the museum was quite the event. If it was a great museum, it was a chance to explore a special place. Then you get older, you sort of forget about museums, until you have kids and you get reintroduced into that world. And as you get older, you actually manage to find time for museums. (And you also find out items and eras that you used and lived through are now museum pieces.)

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Kalamazoo is fortunate to have a wonderful museum, the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. It has a passionate staff, all working to make the experience for any age. I'm still enjoying seeing old black and white photos of the museum when it was located at the Kalamazoo Public Library. But splitting up the two resources into individual resources has been a win-win for all.

The Kalamazoo Public Museum has special exhibits along with permanent ones. The exhibit on the Kalamazoo Tornado is timely as we're coming up on the 42nd anniversary in just a few days. (May 13th). There's also an exhibit on the history of boxing in Kalamazoo and some of the fighters that came out of this town.

And what may be the favorite for many adults is the "Atrium of Artifacts", which showcase old signs, a Checker cab, and other items from Kalamazoo's past. In fact, the artifacts total some 55,000 items. That likely will take up more than an afternoon.

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