Police and school officials say there was no threat to students or faculty during an incident involving a suspicious person who entered Plainwell Middle School Tuesday morning.

MLive reports that an unidentified person behaving erratically followed a staff member to a door and caught it before it closed to gain entry at around 7:00 am. The person was reported immediately and apprehended by a safety officer at the school. Other area law enforcement also responded to the scene. The man was then arrested on a separate warrant, according to Plainwell Public Safety Chief Boll Bomar.

The individual detained was not threatening but did appear to be under the influence of a substance and was displaying erratic behavior. At no time was there a direct threat to staff or students, but we will respond to unidentified individuals as a threat until we discover otherwise. Plainwell Superintendent Matthew Montange speaking to MLive

A statement was later sent out on the school district's website and Facebook page:

The district says all safety procedures were followed according to previous training. They plan to review the incident to see if they need to make any adjustments to their security protocol.

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