The Emmett Township Department of Public Safety, along with Calhoun County 911 were forced to publicly combat a Fake story circulating on social media after receiving dozens of calls from concerned citizens.

The fake story read that three lions were on the loose after escaping from Binder Park Zoo. The "Fake News" story goes on to allege that Harper Creek Middle and High Schools are in lock-down. The kicker is that the website used an address similar to that of a well known national news source, making it difficult for some to be able to spot the bogus story.

In fact, Emmett Township D.P.S. called the Binder Park Zoo and was able to confirm that "No animals were missing and all Lions were accounted for".

Those who clicked on the link were greeted with "THE FAKE NEWS GENERATOR" and were given the capability to compose their own fake story to share on social media.


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