Some of Bernie Sanders largest social media sites on Facebook were abruptly shut down earlier this week when they were flooded with pornographic pictures followed by complaints to administrators.

The pages included: Bernie or Bust, Bernie Believers and Bernie Sanders is my Hero. The three pages had well over a quarter million followers but vanished after the naked, coordinated cyber attack launched around 9 o’clock Monday night and didn’t stop until after midnight.

Supporters of the Vermont Senator were outraged and blamed Hillary Clinton and her backers. In fact many took to Twitter and other social media outlets to vent their anger and say they will never vote for Clinton.

According to an article posted on, At least one Facebook user linked to the pro- Hillary Clinton group Bros 4 Hillary was reported to have participated in the attacks.

The Bros 4 Hillary team disavowed the user in a statement posted Tuesday morning, which condemned any "harmful or offensive rhetoric or harassing behavior targeting supporters of any other candidate in the race.”

It is sure a good thing that liberals are such nice folks and are able to point the finger at Republicans for bad behavior. It certainly lends credibility to other leftist claims that those on the right are racist, misogynist and xenophobic.

Yeah, ok.

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