Barring some last-minute conflict, President Donald Trump is planning to visit the Ford Motor Company Rawsonville plant in Ypsilanti today. There were some excited people earlier in the week since the visit announcement came out about the same time the Governor issued another virus related Executive Order that bars all visits from non-essential people to the state’s manufacturing facilities.  Some wondered if one announcement created the other.

All seems good however. The Governor’s office is will not attempt to block the President’s visit. Critics point out it would be hard since by most accounts, U.S. Presidents are considered essential to every aspect of life in the country.
The President is planning to put the spotlight on the Michigan automakers manufacturing support for the nation’s battle with the COVID-19 virus outbreak.  The Rawsonville plant was partly refitted from vehicle manufacturing to building medical breathing ventilators. They’re now being used at hospitals in the US, and a couple of overseas locations. Ford and GE Healthcare have teamed up on the ventilator project. The President will be talking about the speed at which the retooling was accomplished, and the technical expertise put to work on the complex ventilators. The production line is turning out over 500 ventilators a day.

Most media outlets are more concerned about whether the President will wear a face mask during the visit. State Attorney General Dana Nessel is asking that the President observe the state’s virus shutdown restrictions and approved behaviors. So far the President typically does not wear a face mask.

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