Last week I test drove a Tesla Model S P100D, a fully electric car.  Below is a video of myself and Richard Piet from WBCK's "The Richard Piet Show" test driving the automobile.

I was amazed at the power the Tesla had, it can go from 0 to 60 in approximately 2.6 seconds.  It drove beautifully and was very easy to handle, in fact I loved driving it.

The car has a range of 315 miles on a full charge.  It takes 9.5 hrs at 240V (std 48-amp charger), 6.3 hrs at 240V (72-amp charger) to fully charge the vehicle.  When out on the road you can find super charger stations that will take about 1 hour to fully charge the vehicle.  In fact the one we pulled up to is in Marshall right off of 94 at US Highway 27 in the Citgo station.  If you bought your Tesla before 2017 your charge is free, if you bought a Tesla in 2017 and after we are told it cost about $3 to $4 dollars to fully charge the vehicle.

The Tesla will inform you where the closest super charger is and in fact if you go on a long trip it will map out where you should stop along the way to charge the battery.

You currently can not purchase a Tesla in Michigan due to a law which states you must buy your new car through a dealership.  You can only purchase your new Tesla directly from the manufacturer.  Tesla is working on having that law changed in Michigan.

The Tesla Model S P100D has quite a few bells and whistles and I thoroughly enjoyed my time driving the car.  Check out our ride below.

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