Once, Justin Amash ran as a Republican and asked people in his District in Michigan to elect him as a Republican. Once, he was elected to Congress a few times as a Republican he then came out and said he never considered himself a “Republican” but more a Libertarian/Constitutional something or other.

Once, President Trump was overwhelmingly elected via the Electoral College, Rep. Amash went into hiding.  At some point he began to come out of hiding and started to show his dislike of President Trump.

That dislike turned into an all-out hatred of the man; which I would say is probably not the most politically wise thing he could do.  Why show a hatred for the President of the United States from your own party?  You should just temper your response to what he or she is doing.

Now Amash has come out and once again showed his deep hatred for the President and quite frankly making a lot of people question his political discernment.

Last Friday we found out that the brilliant Hillary Clinton came out and actually said Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset.  Oh the smart one did not stop there.  She then said that Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate in the 2016 election was also a Russian asset.  You see, in her mind Jill was a Russian asset in order to take votes away from her, that is why she lost.

 Amash then went on to tweet:

Did you catch the end of his last tweet;

I didn’t vote for either one

So Amash apparently was truly a RINO the entire time he was a congressman.  Love or hate, like or dislike, agree with or do not agree with the policies of the person running as President in your party, why would you not vote for that person?

So how smart can you be to actually vote against the person running as President in your party, because you may be making yourself useless as a congressman being in the minority party.

At least we can be happy he did not vote for Hillary, if you chose to believe him.

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