Over the weekend Michigan Representative admitted to Bernie supporters and the world what we in Michigan and many across the nation already knew, she has no class.  We are talking about the woman who said she uses the “F” word while speaking to her 13-year-old son.

According to reporting by the AP via the Detroit news while attending a campaign rally for the self-identified Democrat socialist/communist Senator Bernie Sanders in Iowa last Friday night she ignored the moderator’s plea for class and booed Hillary Clinton’s name.  This is how it went down; while discussing the upcoming Iowa caucus the moderator on the stage brought up Hillary Clinton and the crowd started to boo the mention of Hillary Clinton’s name.

When the booing started the moderator said:

We’re not going to boo. We’re classy.

Well, Tlaib would have none of that and proudly said: 

No. I’ll boo. Booooo!...You all know, I can’t be quiet...We’re going to boo. It’s alright. The haters will shut up on Monday, when we win.

If you start at the 7 minute mark of the video below you will hear her say it in her own words:

See you all thought I was making up what I said in the title and the first paragraph of this piece.  She admitted show has no class, now the question is will her constituents who actually vote in her district show us if they have class or not.  If they vote for her obviously they are telling the rest of Michigan and Nation that they also have no class and if they do not vote for her then they certainly do have class.

We will see this fall will we not?

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