Yesterday a listener called into the show in response to an audio clip I played by former New York Jets Football player Burgess Owens.

In discussing the current NFL kneeling controversy Mr., Owens said that it was not a black or white American problem, it was “a Democratic, elitist problem”.  Mr. Owens then called on the NFL players to stand up against the liberal elites who are “using my race”.  Mr. Owens is a black man.

What was really interesting in that audio clip was when Mr. Owens stated:

My concern with this whole process is what the flag stands for, when I stood on the sideline I remembered getting teary-eyed at points because I was so excited about being there, I was so proud to be part of that process. But I also grew up in a time where 70% of black men were mentors to us. They were in the home, doing things they needed to do, teaching us that this country is the greatest place to be and to grow in.

We have come to the point because of liberalism, because of what Democratic policies do, 70% of black men do not stay around. They don't have these parents and these fathers to tell them what they should be proud of and how they should stand up for this process.

We are dealing with an ideology that first of all bans God, has destroyed the black family in the '70s which we led the country in terms of the strength of our family unit, they have destroyed our history. No one even knows about how strong the black American history was. And now they want to take away our pride in our country. And I think it's a bridge too far.

We need to make sure that we're standing against corporate elitists, liberal elitists like the NFL. I will be boycotting every single team that does this. But we also have as black conservatives get into the black community and let them see what the Democratic Party has for years done to them. It's not a white American problem; it's a Democratic, black and white, elitist problem.

A listener heard that audio clip and called into the show to state that he does agree with Burgess Owens and then asked me what has the Republican Party done for the black community.

My response was that I could not think of something that the Republican Party has done specifically for the “black community” because the Republican Party has a platform that believes that everyone is equal.  None of us are more special than others, thus their platform is not to cater to one race, sex or who you want to sleep with group.

I then asked him the question what makes the “black community” so special that they should be catered to by a political party.  He refused to answer the question and just kept repeating his question to me even though I answered it.  He eventually stated that I do not let people on-air who disagree with me.   Really, I just did.

I had another listener call in after him and he said that he just looked up on the internet the words African American and Republican, in that search he found the Republican party reaching out to the “African American Community” and that was proof that the party does the same as the Democratic Party.

My answer to that was that all political parties will “reach-out” to different communities, it depends on what the reach-out means.  In regards to the Republican Party they are reaching out to explain how Republican and Conservative policies and ideology will help the black community just like they would help people of all races and sexes.

The Republican Party reach-out efforts are not to promise certain goodies to these individual “special” groups if they vote for them.  I believe those who look at this situation honestly would agree that the Democratic Party reach-out efforts is an effort to divide us as Americans and promise certain political favors if that group votes for them.

After the show I received an email from another listen who wrote:

As to your question what makes black people special or deserving of special help, for one Jim Crow laws had lasting effects, please remember Brown V. Board of Education officially ended school segregation was only in 1954, black Americans still faced tremendous violence, resistance and discrimination. Things were separate but they were never equal! The effects of this discrimination shouldn't be minimized or marginalized.

I am not attempting to minimize or marginalize anyone’s struggles.  I wrote back to that listener and stated that was quite long ago.  In thinking about it now that was over 50 years ago.

I then asked that listener “When do you feel the special status is over?” I have not received an answer from the listener yet, I do expect that the listener will respond, they have in the past.

So I come back to my original question what makes any group more “special” than other groups.  We are all Americans and need to start thinking like that.  We need to move away from the idea that we are African, Black, Asian, White, heterosexual, homosexual, LGBTQIA, Muslim, Christian, Non-Christian, Atheist or fill in the blank Americans.

We are ALL Americans first and we need to endorse policies that will help all Americans not just certain groups.

With that in mind I do want all to understand that I do believe that certain groups have challenges that other groups do not necessarily face.  Does that mean in this day and age we need to treat people differently and not treat people fairly?

We need to fight against discrimination wherever it exist and whomever is committing it.

I was told by my parents that two wrongs do not make a right, or do they in some people’s minds.

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