Shocking news, but in a good way.  The auto giant has shocked nearly one thousand of its temporary workers by giving the full-time promotions.

One worker at Flints Assembly plant has been part time for over three years.   He found out Sunday morning that he and several hundred other part time workers were being promoted to full time GM employees.

Many workers crowded into their Union Hall for what they thought would be a routine meeting, when the local's president stepped up to the mic and spoke the 'magical words' "as of tomorrow, you guys are full-time seniority employees of GM".

The action is keeping with the terms that were struck in the 2019 four-year UAW contract that GM employees ratified in October after a 40 day strike.  The new wages are $20 to $24 dollars an hour.

Ford Motor Company also moved 592 temps to permanent full time status on Monday.

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