This one certainly caught me off guard.  Who would've thought that the first scam alert of the new year would have to do with the military and something that hasn't existed for over 45 years.  But here we are in a world where nothing should surprise us anymore.  For now, don't worry about the phone scams or the email scams.  They'll rear their ugly heads soon enough.

According to KMPH in Fresno, CA, a 25 year old guy in the area received a text from an unknown number telling him he was drafted.  The text, falsely identifying the sender as the United States Army, asked the man to come to the nearest branch in San Joaquin Valley area for immediate departure to Iran.  No one knows if something would've happened to the young man if he followed through.  For the record there hasn't been a draft since the Vietnam war in 1973, and it would take a lot for there to ever be a draft again in the future.


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