An Indiana shopper allegedly flung feces at a security guard and escaped with a stolen video camera.

Evading the net cast by Indiana police, she's been on the run now for a week. On Feb. 13, a Menards security officer noticed a woman taking a video camera out of the packaging and stowing it in her personal bag to smuggle from the store. When he approached the woman-this is where it gets weird- she "reached behind her and dug into her pants and pulled out a handful of feces and threw it at him, striking him on his chest." IndyStar goes on to report "the stolen camera was eventually recovered. Police have reviewed security camera footage, but the woman remains unidentified."

Police are prioritizing the investigation, saying it is a number 2 case for them.

Good thing she didn't steal a toilet from the kitchen & bath section or law enforcement would have nothing to go on.

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