Upper Peninsula Republican State Representative Beau LaFave says Michigan does not need virus vaccine passports. LaFave is in the midst of drafting a legislative proposal for the state that would prohibit any mandate or use of a vaccination verification document in Michigan.

Virus passports have been talked about since the early days of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Something critics of government virus overreach say points to the underlying theme of a massive liberal government power grab. And then there’s the issue of whether having been vaccinated makes one any safer to be around people than anyone else. It’s hard to prove. The renowned Mayo Clinic for example says even after you have been vaccinated, you need to continue to wear a mask and avoid close contact with anyone in public.

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Iron Mountain Representative LaFave says there are just too many issues surrounding the virus controls to say people who don’t have a card of some sort should have their activities restricted. He characterizes vaccine passports or anything similar as a heavy-handed power grab that has no place in a free society.

LaFave says, “Vaccine passports are a terrible idea that will only get us access to one ominous place: A totalitarian state where privacy is lost and personal freedoms are a thing of the past.  Misguided politicians who support these new forms of identification are stripping away people’s core civil liberties, and we all must come together to stop this abhorrent idea in Michigan.”

Several states are moving toward some form of virus passports. New York is the farthest along with its so-called “Excelsior Pass”. It allows people access to businesses or venues that require some form of proof of virus protection or negative testing results in order to gain entry.

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