I just read about the number of American adults who eat fast food each day and I must say I was a bit surprised.

According to the just released report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and their National Center for Health Statistics 36.6% of us eat some kind of fast food on any given day. That includes 37.9% of all men and 35.4% of all women.

They also reported that on a typical day, 22.7% of Americans get their breakfast from a fast-food outlet, 43.7% of Americans pick up a quick meal at lunchtime, and 42% do the same for dinner. On top of all that another 22.8% get a snack from a fast-food establishment.

CDC’s study was based on approximately 10,000 adults over four years.  The study also found that:

  • There was no big difference between men and women
  • Higher-income families ate fast food more often than lower-income families
  • and black people ate fast food more than other racial or ethnic groups.

Fast food is delicious but we all know and health officials have told us that too much high-calorie fast food can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.

I stopped eating almost all fast food 5 years ago when I found my health after I entered into the My Pure Health Solutions Health and Fat burning plan and lost 86 pounds.  After learning what I did on that plan I have kept that weight off the entire time by eating the proper foods and learning to listen to what my body needs not what it wants.

I use to be obese, have Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and triglycerides but no longer.

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