Ever wonder how Kalamazoo's iconic Banana Car was made?  How about where the idea for the Banana Car came from?  It may surprise you.

Barcroft Cars talk to inventors of the Banana Car, The Mutant Brothers.  Steve Braithwaite and Tom Brown talk about the $25,000 and hundreds of hours they put into the making of this fruity mobile.

If you've spent any time at all in Kalamazoo, especially at a parade, you've seen the banana car!  It's becoming a Kalamazoo legend like...Elvis at McDonalds.  OK, that's a bad example.

Check out the Banana car in the short video below. You're sure to recognize the streets of Kalamazoo and on the campus of Western Michigan University. Plus share your Banana Car pics on our Facebook page,  we would love to see them.


(Bonus Video)

This isn't the Ghostbusters car that you've seen around Kalamazoo.  However, it is an exact replica of the Ghostbusters car in Manhattan.  In total, it cost Loren Baldwin $20,000 to create this car.

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