The Detroit Crazy Wings Red Wings' new home will have quite an impressive piece of technology sitting above ice level. The official twitter page of the Red Wings showed off what is going to be the biggest jumbotron in the NHL come next season.

With 5,100 square feet of viewing area, the new jumbotrown dwarfs its predecessor from Joe Louis Arena and beats out all other NHL arenas in terms of size. For reference, that's equivalent to almost 400 Hot 'N' Ready pizzas (by surface area). We're guessing, though, that the new jumbotron's cost is considerably greater than that of 400 Hot 'N' Ready pizzas ($2,120, including Michigan sales tax).

By comparison, AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play has over 25,000 square feet of viewing area on a jumbotron that fits snugly between each of the 20 yard lines.

The official press release boasts that the scoreboard will contain more than 11 million LEDs, more LEDs than there are people in the State of Michigan. So that's where all of those LEDs went after fans were duped out of their roof logo.

Michigan Taxpayer Center Little Caesars Arena is set to open in September with the Red Wings starting preseason play that month and the Pistons getting started in October.

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