While there may be some hesitation, many businesses in Michigan are now able to bring employees back to their normal work settings. Yesterday marked the official state allowable return-to-work day following the Governor’s orders that whenever possible, employees be required to work from home due to dangers from the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

But some businesses report a fair amount of confusion since the May 24th return to work date was announced as part of the Governor’s four-step plan to return to normal based on the percentage of state residents who’ve been vaccinated.

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That plan went out the window last week after the Centers for Disease Control announced significant relaxation of gatherings and mask rules.  That seemingly left the Governor with little choice but to abruptly change her orders and those issued by state departments under her control.

But even with the new changes, and regardless of which return to normal plan you figured should be followed, state employees have been left hanging. What’s good for business apparently is not good for state workers.  Those ordered to stay home for the past year, are being told to stay there through the middle of July.

The Detroit News has reported that the Director of the Michigan Office of State Employer verified by email they cannot return to their normal work setting until July 12 at the earliest.  That involves more than 26,000 state employees.

The Governor’s latest announcement surrounding her COVID-19 workplace rules makes no mention of the status of state employees so it should be safe to assume the email from the Michigan Office of State Employer stands. At least in general terms. Individual employees of the state may receive more personalized direction about their status. Anyone working for the state should refer to supervisory directives.

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