It's a big rivalry. Western Michigan University versus Central Michigan University. And thanks to a Reddit user who took some time (perhaps too much time) to create an odd analogy of football to types of cheeses, it's the Broncos for the win!

The title of the thread is MAC Teams As Types Of Cheeses. The title MAC n' Cheese would have been a better obvious choice, but this was still a solid effort. It's as cheesy figuratively as it is literally, but also quite funny. They really broke the mold with this. No matter how you slice it, this is good stuff. It might just make you melt with laughter. Is that enough? Ok, here we go...

It opens with "What goes better together in the Midwest than the region’s tastiest export, cheese, and Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday night football with 1,200 people in the stands from your favorite conference, the Mid-American Conference?" So they threw a little shade at the MAC for the odd nights they play games and lackluster attendance. But wait until you read these cheese analogies.

Western Michigan University - Brie

At its best, Western Michigan is a conference heavyweight, competing in big bowl games and achieving national relevance. At its worst, Western Michigan is disgusting, as their brown uniforms and their empty stadium leaves a stain on the perception of the conference. When Brie is great, it is a fancy delicacy that not only is the best cheese out there, but it holds its own against other pastries, desserts, and appetizers. Baked brie with wheat thins and strawberry preserves is a wonderful thing. However, Brie gets moldy rather quickly because it is so soft and creamy, and it has a horrendous odor when it goes bad.

Central Michigan University - Limburger

Disgusting. Terrible. Get this <expletive> out of here. Sorry Central, but your team stinks, just like this cheese.

That's a solid win for WMU!

Read the cheese analogies for all the other MAC football programs HERE



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