Authorities estimate that 193 vehicles were involved, which includes 76 semis and 117 passenger cars and SUVs, according to WWMT Newschannel 3.

The highway remains closed Saturday morning, as crews in hazmat suits are working to clean up the 44,000 pounds of formic acid that spilled from a semi at the scene, according to MLive. Additionally, a semi carrying fireworks caught fire and was launching fireworks at the scene.

As of Friday, the Michigan State Police said 23 people sustained injuries that required hospitalization, with at least one person in serious condition, and one person died, according to WWMT.

Drivers involved in the accident are being transported back to their cars, so they can be cleared off the highway. In effort to determine the cause of the accident, investigators are reconstructing the entire accident, which could take weeks, WWMT reported.

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