Liam Neeson, the star of the Taken movie trilogy, has fallen in my eyes and is "Taken" off my list of people whom I enjoy watching in a movie.

He recently told Gulf News, a Dubai-based English language paper, “There are too many [expletive] guns out there."

Now, did you know that he has made more than $30 million playing a retired gun-wielding CIA operative in the Taken trilogy, who's shooting and blowing people up left and right?

He went on to tell Gulf News, “Especially in America. I think the population is like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it’s a [expletive] disgrace.

“Every week now we’re picking up a newspaper and seeing, ‘Yet another few kids have been killed in schools,’” Neeson continued.

Why do these movie stars — who make millions and become famous by indiscriminately killing people in their movies by shooting them and blowing them up — rail against guns and violence?

Do they feel guilty for promoting violence?

Do they feel a need to cleanse themselves after they become multimillionaires?

Are they just not that bright?

What are your thoughts?

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