The Ionia County Sheriff's Office is reporting an incident that happened over opening day weekend where A 28-year-old Lowell man was hospitalized after he was shot by his brother while the two were hunting. Exactly why I don't mess with guns. Around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, police were contacted and paramedics were sent to a field near Bell Road and W. Grand River Avenue in Boston Township where they responded to a call of a man who was shot while hunting.

It turns out the two brothers were looking for a deer that one brother had shot earlier with his rifle. While tracking the deer, the men became separated in a dense corn field. The 29-year-old brother thought he saw and heard the deer in the field. He fired a shot and the gunfire hit his brother. The 29-year-old immediately called 911, as wxyz reports, and the two men walked out of the field where they were met by a team of first responders. He remains in serious but stable condition. Be safe out there this Winter.

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