Cassius Winston gave an emotional speech at center court of the Breslin Center last night.

Winston has gone through more heartbreak recently than anyone should. His brother died tragically after being struck by a train. Winston had been understandably quiet since it happened, despite dropping a double double the next day.

Winston is the Spartan's leader, and a player of the year candidate this year. This was set up to be a whirlwind year of accolades for Winston, but his brothers death has put everything in perspective. I can't imagine leaving the house if one of my brothers died tragically, and Winston put himself out there for thousands of fans to see.

After the Spartan's win Wednesday night, Winston walked to center court amid MVP chants from the crowd. He talked about how grateful he was for the support from the fans and his team.

I lost a piece of my heart, but you guys keep me going

That was the line that did it for me, and most people watching Winston talk to the crowd.

Sports has an ugly side that gets so much attention from the media, but it can also be bigger than just a game. The way a team becomes a family, and fans become more than just fans. Izzo summed it up perfectly in his interview after the game.

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