Uh oh. It looks like Americans might not be nearly as smart as we think we are. The fine educated folks at Home Snacks produced a map that compares each state's education to nations around the world with similar education levels. What they did was use U.S. Census numbers on each state’s high school graduation rate and compared those numbers to the education index of each country in the world, provided by the United Nations Development Program.

Michigan has similar education levels to Thailand, which is ranked 89th in the world in human development. However, there is some saving grace in the education area of the UNDP report on Thailand. The adult literacy rate is a solid 96.7%. The primary school dropout rate is only 6.5% and population with at least some secondary education is 43.3%.

And best of all, Ohio is paired with Dominica which is ranked 93rd in human development so Michigan wins. Honestly, that's quite impressive for the Buckeyes, but it's a shame they're not going to be able to read this. Maybe someone will read it to them.

Since Michigan is the equivalent to Thailand in education, let's celebrate with the unlikely 1980s pop hit that highlighted the Thai capital city of Bangkok. The song follows an obsessed chess playing American who defiantly misses out on all the nightlife fun to be had in the city. Wait, he's smart enough to play chess? Maybe Americans aren't that dumb after all.


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