There seems to be a difference of opinion between victims of MSU Dr. Nassar when it comes to who did prosecute Dr. Nassar, AG Bill Schutte, and who did not, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer.

A new ad by the Michigan Republican Party said that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer refused to press charges against Larry Nassar when she served as Ingham County Prosecutor.  That ad went on to say that Attorney General Bill Schuette, the Republican candidate for governor, ended up charging Nassar with criminal sexual conduct.

The facts are that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer did not charge Dr. Nassar and Attorney General Bill Schutte did.  Ms. Whitmer stated in a press conference that she did not prosecute Dr. Nassar because she realized that it crossed multiple jurisdictions, thus she referred the case to AG Schuette. AG Schuette stated at a Friday press conference that Ms. Whitmer's version of events was false and that the Michigan State University Police had referred the case to his office, not Ms. Whitmer.

Mlive is reporting that Rachael Denhollander, the first athlete and woman to speak publicly about her sexual assault by ex-Michigan State University Dr. Larry Nassar, said in a statement Saturday

that the Ingham County Prosecutor's office declined to prosecute Nassar on sexual assault charges, a characterization the chief assistant prosecutor refutes… Denhollander said the decision was not based on the existence of multiple jurisdictions or a desire from the Ingham County Prosecutor to move the case to the Attorney General's office. She said the MSU Police Department alone brought the case to the Attorney General after the Ingham County Prosecutor chose not to pursue charges for any sexual assault.

Gretchen Whitmer was quoted in that article stating:

As a rape survivor myself, nobody will fight harder than I will to deliver justice for the survivors of sexual abuse. Bill Schuette and the Republicans should listen to what Nassar survivors requested yesterday and stop running ads that exploit and weaponize the Nassar case for political gain.

I researched to find if and when Ms. Whitmer reported her rape and determined that she never did report the rape to any police agency, newspaper and I could not find and reporting that she told any friends about the rape.   That is not to say that the rape did not occur I was just attempting to find corroborating evidence that it did.  I was attempting to find that corroborating evidence because it came to my mind that many news agencies report about her being a rape survivor but had never reported any details about the incident.

Another piece of information on which to decide who said and did what, last year MSU Police Chief James Dunlap’s made statements in The Detroit News suggesting that Whitmer wanted to proceed with a child pornography case against Nassar, but she did not want to proceed with sexual assault charges against him.

Now you know that facts and it is up to you to decide who you believe and not believe or at least question about the new Dr. Nassar claims.  It is important because either AG Schuette or Gretchen Whitmer will be our next Governor of Michigan.

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