Chow Hound Pet Supplies will open its newest Michigan store in Oshtemo by the end of 2018.

You have to walk the dog every day and every so often you have to wash the dog. What if, like your car, there was a place where you could take your dog that had all the soap, shampoo and supplies you needed?

Every Chow Hound Pet Supplies store has dog-washing bays, including the Westnedge location in Portage, and there will be 3 in their new Oshtmeo location, going in at the intersection of Drake and Stadium Drive. 'The Corner' has been a hot spot for development the last few years with Costco, Field & Stream, Trader Joe's, Firehouse Subs and other businesses opening up shop just West of downtown Kalamazoo.

This is what dog-owner Laura had to say about the dog wash bay:

I absolutely love this place! I just came back from washing my 60 pound lab/chow mix and bathing has ALWAYS been such a stressful experience. Not only were their self dog wash rooms clean, the supplies were endless! My dog wasn’t anxious like she normally is during bath time. We will be frequent visitors, now! The staff was so helpful and pleasant, as well!

So no more fighting your dog to get in the tub at home and then chasing him around the house to towel him off before he makes a mess. Check out the new indoor dog wash or save your quarters and put your pet in the back of the truck next time you go through the car wash.

h/t MLive

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