Now this is interesting, a man running on the Democratic Party ticket, Matt Longjohn M.D., against Republican Congressmen Fred Upton in the 6th district may have himself in a bit of a tourniquet.

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press Dr. Longjohn is not a licensed medical doctor in the state of Michigan or in his previous home state of Illinois.  Although he did receive a medical degree from Tulane University and did do his residency work at Northwestern University.

You may ask yourself so what, he did earn a medical degree from an accredited college.

Well there are legal questions about what he is doing when it comes to representing himself as an M.D. in the state of Michigan.  Michigan’s Public Health Code states that a person can’t use a designation that could “induce the belief” that a person is “lawfully entitled in this state to engage in the practice of a health profession.”

Mr. Longjohn M.D. response was that he has:

never once said during this campaign that I am a currently practicing physician.

Since we now are in the age of assessing someone’s credibility on whether they should take on such high positions in our government, can we be concerned that Matt Longjohn M.D. is misrepresenting himself to his possible future constituents, at least according to Michigan’s Public Health Code?

What else may he be “misrepresenting” to the citizens of Michigan’s 6th district?

Should we be calling for an FBI investigation that appears to be the new playbook these days?

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