Many of us Michiganders grew up on the delicious flavors of Faygo Pop.  Now we are adults and some of us like our beers, especially the craft beers.

Well why not have them both in one drink.  You heard that right, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that 7 Michigan breweries are combing the flavor of our childhood pop and are favorite of our adult beer into one drink, Faygo flavor beer.

It is called the Detroit's Beer Experiment, it is a collaboration between seven local Detroit breweries that are going to incorporate signature Faygo flavors into each one of their beers for Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival in Eastern Market this year.   The fall Beer Festival takes place on Oct. 26-27.

What was your favorite Faygo pop flavor, mine was Rock n Rye.  Is that why I grew up to love Rock n Roll music, we will never know.

If you are interested in going to the fall festival visit for further information as was as ticket information.

According to the article:

Traffic Jam and Snug is making a Red Pop kettle sour. Founders Detroit is making Scotch Cherry Whoop Whoop, inspired by Rock n Rye — a rye scotch ale with dark cherry and vanilla. Eastern Market Brewing Co. is making a Moon Mist IPA. Brew Detroit is making Cotton Candy Berliner weisse. Detroit Beer Co. has created a 60/40 Radler. Atwater is brewing a Double Dirty Blonde with Faygo Orange and coriander. And Batch Brewing Co. seems to be going the extra Detroit mile with its Better Made Grape FayGose, using the Detroit-based potato chips in the beer as well.

If you loved Faygo pop growing up and now you love beer it could be a very interesting and fun time, just bring a designated driver.

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