May 26 could be a pivotal day for the residents and businesses in the State of Michigan. Marshall Republican State Representative Matt Hall is among a select group of state lawmakers who may be forced to make a related and critical decision for the future of the state.

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The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration have scheduled a joint public hearing for the 26th.  One of the most critical decisions facing the departments is whether to follow a request from the Whitmer administration to make some current COVID-19 workplace rules permanent. That includes workplace and business setting mask rules and working from home rules.

If the department leaders decide that the change proposed by the Governor’s office should be made permanent, there is a buffer. That’s where Representative Hall may come into play. He is one of the ten state lawmakers who make up the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). Hall and five others on the committee are considered conservative and most likely would reject the rules change. But of course in politics, nothing is a sure thing until it happens.

Some state lawmakers along with the organization “Rescue Michigan”, are making an all-out effort to make Michigan residents aware of what is coming up and asking that people speak their minds about the issues at the public hearing. It will be accessible by a zoom link and an overflow session is being set up as well.  The state plans to post the exact rule changes sometime this Friday the 15th.

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