Two FedEx employees sped home for an afternoon delight but got busted by Ohio police instead.

This is not intended to shame a couple for wanting to do the deed.  In fact, rushing home during your lunch break to make magic happen would be #couplegoals.  However, safety first.  And I'm not just talking about when you're doing the two-back monster.

This couple was pulled over on I-77 in Brecksville, Ohio for doing 80 MPH from their FedEx job in Richfield.  Police officers smelled more than love during the traffic stop according to,

The officer did smell marijuana. And it turned out that the driver had a suspended license.

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The couple was pulled over in a black Chevy Equinox that was owned by the female passenger.  The male driver was driving with a suspended license.  And then, there's the marijuana grinder.  Not the grinder the couple hoped would be the main focus of their lunch break, but there they were.  To make matters worse, the police found a backpack in the vehicle that contained more pot.

The attempted afternoon delight ended with the driver being charged with speeding, drug abuse, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The female passenger was allowed to drive the vehicle home.

The moral of the story, don't speed with drugs in your car while your driver's license is suspended.  Better yet, move closer to work.

We wish the happy couple more productive lunch breaks in the future.

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