Why am I writing about free pie, well who doesn’t like something free and even more important who doesn’t love pie?

Well, I understand that people may not love pie but at least they like it, right?  

Funny story; I have never really been a pie guy but as I am getting older, I am in my mid-fifties, I have started to love pie and cake.  Does that really mean I am getting old?  I remember when I was much younger older people seem to like pie more so than cake.

Well back to free pie.  Did you know that tomorrow Thursday, January 23rd is National Pie Day?  Well if you did not; now you do, you are welcome.

Even better all Grand Traverse Pie Company locations in Michigan are offering a free slice of apple or cherry pie with any purchase.  Grand Traverse Pie Company makes over 40 varieties of handmade pie and also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

By the way, there is Grand Traverse Pie Company restaurant in Portage, Grand Rapids, East Lansing, and Downtown Lansing.

Mike Busley, Co-Founder of Grand Traverse Pie Company stated:

Any way you slice it, pie is America’s comfort food

Some of you might be thinking why is Renk writing about this:

Is he getting paid to do so? No!

Is his media company getting paid to do so? No!

Is he getting free pie to do so? No!

I just like pie and wanted to inform all of you about National Pie Day, no hidden agenda.

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