Somebody thought they were being funny last Thursday when they got on a flight at the Detroit Airport with a WiFi hot spot with a stupid name. It didn't end well - for anybody.

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On a Delta Connection flight scheduled for departure at 8:10 pm and bound for Canada, flight attendants were having a tough time getting everybody to turn off their phones. According to the Detroit Free Press, they finally threatened to call the police if the last few phones were not turned off. Finally, the plane was surrounded by several "emergency vehicles" and police came on board, questioned two people and then came back to remove two other people from the plane. According to a fellow passenger, a flight attendant told him somebody (probably one of those two) had a personal WiFi hot spot on their phone with the name "remote detonator".

Smart. Obviously law enforcement had to search the plane. It finally departed at about 1:40 am.

I guess they were serious. Here's the story. 


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