Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is coming to the aid of fellow Democratic Governor Tony Evers in Wisconsin. Whitmer says Evers asked her for help. She is obliging.  Governor Whitmer is ordering two companies from the Michigan National Guard to Wisconsin.  The mission according to Whitmer is to support public safety and protect first amendment rights to peaceful assembly. Some critics are scratching their heads. Governor Evers has recently refused federal law enforcement support to help stop violent, and some say terrorist-driven rioting, in Wisconsin.  Just what is it really that the Michigan guard troops will be protecting they ask? Earlier this week Governor Evers declared Wisconsin to be in a State of Emergency following destructive rioting in Kenosha.  He’s already sent 500 Wisconsin National Guard troops into the area.

Governor Whitmer says the Michigan National Guard troops will be placed in locations in Wisconsin so they can help keep things peaceful, just like they did in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Lansing earlier this year.  Critics remind the Governor that significant damage occurred during those events here in Michigan and consider those events far from peaceful. This new deployment has the potential to be a very dangerous setting for the Michigan Guard troops. There’s no word which guard units from Michigan are being sent to Wisconsin. Units based at Fort Custer in Battle Creek have so far played roles in virus support missions around the state the last 10 weeks.

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