Let's start by acknowledging that weird to some might not be weird at all.  For the sake of argument and this piece, though, allow for the label to be placed.  There are some well known and not so well known laws still on the books.  For instance: A woman is not allowed to cut her hair without her husbands permission.  A man cannot scowl at his wife on Sundays.  You cannot get drunk on a train.  And my favorite, you cannot serenade your girlfriend.  So what about the strangest food law?

According to msn.com, the weirdest food law in the State of Michigan is:  If you're starting a pig farm in Detroit, you either have to have strong fences or bejeweled swine, because it's illegal to let pigs run loose in The "D" without rings in their noses.  So keep that in mind if you get into the pork business.


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