Not just any 5k run, the Insane Inflatable 5k is like a bounce house for grown-ups. Preview the 11 obstacles you will meet on the course and plot your strategy.

  • 1

    Let's Go

    The challenge begins right from the start. Climb up the front side and slide down the back.

    Tip: Don't expend all your energy here by sprinting up the stairs. Just climb steadily and enjoy the ride down the back.

  • 2

    Ball Maze

    You've got to make your way through 22 feet of yoga balls looking to crush you as other runners pinball off them.

    Tip: The fastest way may be along the walls but where's the fun in that?

  • 3

    The Wall

    It's like mile 20 in a marathon: the wall. This fortification is 20' high and 80' long.

    Tip: Grab a rope on the way up for assistance.

  • 4

    Crash Course

    Up and over and THROUGH as you climb, slide, climb again and dodge inflatable blockades.

    Tip: You may be able to go under instead of around some of these hanging obstacles.

  • 5


    Make your way up the hill, then slide down into this inflatable’s challenging depths only to be shot out the back end!

    Tip: Close-fitting, moisture-wicking clothing makes the slide down more enjoyable.

  • 6

    Big Balls

    It's like a million giant beach balls at an outdoor Summer concert.

    Tip: Duck your head as you go in but be sure to look all around you as balls are bouncing everywhere!

  • 7


    Sure, it looks calm but there are big waves lurking beneath the surface.

    Tip: Be sure your shoes are laced tight for this one. Also, staying toward the center makes this easier so you don't get bounced into the side walls.

  • 8

    Mattress Run

    The mattress run will challenge your balance and agility.

    Tip: Stay out of the holes- they just slow you down. It is much easier to run between them.

  • 9

    Wrecking Balls

    The big balls are back and this time they are swinging!

    Tip: Timing is everything.

  • 10

    Finish Line

    Remember everything you just did? Here it is all together at the end.

    Tip: This is it- leave it all on the field! Go for it!

  • 11

    The Midway

    OK, this isn't really an obstacle. After you finish the 5k, hit the Midway for live music, food & beverages, games, sponsor tents and official ii5k merch.

    Celebrate, you earned it!

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