Protesting of Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) agency has reached Kalamazoo Michigan.

Mlive is reporting about a group of people protesting the Kalamazoo County jail and the Sheriff’s office cooperating with ICE.  The County jail and sheriff’s office cooperates with ICE when illegal aliens are arrested for other crimes then held 48 hours if requested by ICE so they can have the time to come to the jail and pick them up for crossing our borders illegally.

Kalamazoo County Sheriff, Richard Fuller, explains that “people who are held for ICE are first arrested for a criminal offense, and the facility complies with ICE hold requests because it is the law”.

Nelly Fuentes, a volunteer organizer with Movimiento Cosecha Kalamazoo was quoted in the article stating:

The sheriff's department holds them for 48 hours longer than they should, and ICE comes and takes them to the Calhoun County Detention Center…We are demanding the sheriff to stop this process and not honor the ICE holds that are being honored…If the bail is paid like everybody else, I don't see why they can't be released… Undocumented immigrants are human beings, with all the riches and all the flaws…We want our undocumented population to be treated just like anybody else. If they committed a crime, they can go in and serve their time and pay the bail. And then, that's it. No ICE hold

When are people going to realize that breaking the law has consequences and in some cases those consequences mean being detained?

No one from the free law breakers campaign has ever given a good excuse why some people in their minds should pay a consequence for breaking the law and others should not?

What other laws do these people believe that law enforcement should not enforce and the offenders not be punished as prescribed by the law?

How about any crimes committed against them, if someone was to break into their house or car and steal something should those “human beings” not be punished in the manner in which the laws state they should be?

Can we go so far as if someone was to attack them or steal something from their body should those “human beings” not be punished in the manner in which the laws state they should be?

If you do not like the law, elected people who will change it.

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