Soar over downtown Kalamazoo and hover over the 50 yard line at Waldo Stadium in this extensive drone flyover of Kalamazoo and Western Michigan University campus.

Did you ever wish you were a superhero and could fly? It only takes a little imagination to pretend you are flying over the city in this drone video posted to YouTube.

The piece opens by soaring down W. Michigan Ave toward the Kalamazoo Building and the Radisson before transporting us high above Waldo Stadium to glide over the gridiron. After an eye-level look at the downtown high-rises, it's back to campus for an aerial view of University Arena. Dizzy, dazzling footage floats over Kalamazoo landmarks like Arcadia Creek Festival Place, Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Peer down at more of Western's campus and a see a spinning view of the spire of the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital's water tower. Circle our city and soar as you never have before!

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