A man was killed earlier this week after he crashed his motorcycle on the Mackinac Bridge.

According to WNEM, 57-year-old Charles Chronowski, of Macomb, lost control of his motorcycle and crashed while driving on the Mackinac Bridge on Tuesday. He was transported to the Mackinac Straits Hospital in St. Ignace where he was pronounced dead.

It was unclear at the time of the crash whether or not drugs or alcohol played a roll in the accident. Reports also say that Chronowski wasn't wearing a helmet.

I can't imagine riding on a motorcycle across the Mackinac Bridge. I know people do it all the time but it just seems so terrifying to me. I drove an RV across that thing once and was white-knuckling it the entire time. All of this because I'm a big sissy that's afraid of heights. Hell, I even get anxiety driving across the Zilwaukee Bridge.

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