Meijer is recalling several varieties of yogurt after glass particles were discovered in a yogurt cup.

The Food and Drug Administration says that Meijer learned of the problem when a customer returned a yogurt, containing two pieces of glass, and further investigation led them to believe that a problem at the manufacturing facility might have caused the contamination.

The recall affects the following products:

Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Black Cherry, 5.3 oz.

Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Plain, 5.3 oz.

Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Vanilla, 5.3 oz.

Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Strawberry, 5.3 oz.

Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Blueberry, 5.3 oz.

Meijer Yogurt Low-fat Blueberry, 6 oz.

All of these products have an expiration date of March 8. They were sold in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

As of now, the FDA says that they haven't heard of any accidents or injuries related to this potential contamination, and they say the risk to consumers is low.

If you have any of these products, you are asked to throw them away or return them to Meijer for a refund.

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