We have been discussing the reform — Michigan’s catastrophic insurance reform — for about a month now.  The reform in Senate Bills 248 and 249 is mainly focused on cost containment to our MCCA fund.

Under the system as it is now insurance companies are paying three or four times what commercial health care providers pay for the same procedures. For instance, commercial health providers pay about $600 or $700 for MRI scans while auto insurance companies are having to pay about $2,500 to $3,000.”

As a reminder, Michigan is the only state with unlimited medical liability.

Groups in Michigan were complaining about the speed at which these bills were debated and passed in the committees.

Well, they do not need to complain any longer.

Senate Bills 248 and 249 have been put on hold in the Michigan Senate.


Because House Democrats are opposing the bills, and there are not enough House Republicans supporting the bills to get them passed.

So much for cost containment.

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